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    3D Array Technology LLC (3DAT) is a leader on the functional materials innovation, development and supply. As a high performance materials supplier and cutting-edge contract research service company, 3DAT always dedicated on finding the best solutions for our customers. With unique and patent-pending 3D nano-array technology, 3DAT is focusing on developing, producing and selling high efficient and low cost heterogeneous catalysts to serve all type catalytic process related industries.
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    Through using our game changer 3D nano-array catalysts technology, 3DAT aims to supply monolithic catalysts with 30% lower price of state-of-art monolithic catalysts used in catalytic converter with the same or even improved performance. With the patented process, we in-situ fabricate the high efficiency nano-catalysts on the converter device, the technology not only can decrease the price but also improve the lifetime of catalytic converter for 20%.


3D Array Technology LLC (3DAT) provides high performance, low cost, functional materials and customized materials innovation service to customers. For more information about our product and service, please contact us.


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